Kickin' up some sawdust

I've been talking to myself about dusting the cobwebs off my woodworking equipment for months since I've reacquainted myself with a new website and ebay.Woodworking was one of my favorite pastimes for so many years. My daughter surprised me when she called to tell me that she wanted to learn woodworking, so I jumped on the chance to have her working with me!I searched my memory banks for some of the simpler things I made years ago and we came up with ladders, a wall shelf and bread boards. We made 2 ladders, so you'll have to go check it out on my ebay auction. It's one of my favorite pieces from years ago.We had so much fun making stuff. Hubby (Jerry) was on his half of the garage with the grandkids, working on his new chicken coop and we were on 'my' half working on furniture. I'll have to take pictures of his chicken coop and baby chickens to share. He bought some baby chicks on his way home from work on a whim last month. So we had to pick on him for putting the chickens before the coop.

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