Join me for coffee?

Good morning! Anyone for coffee?

FINALLY, it's warm enough to start my mornings waking up by sitting on the back deck. The fields are getting planted and I will soon have that beautiful forest of corn in my back yard. It makes a beautiful privacy fence.
About 6 years ago, this was my dad's 80 acre field. He's retired now, but every time I step out the back door, I remember Bean walking, harvesting, planting season and mom bringing lunch out to us.


I got my little American Black Doll finished!

I finally got her finished and listed her on ebay Sunday.
She's a 27 inch tall Patriotic beauty holding her black baby doll and Uncle Sam cane.

I came across this pattern by Peddler Hill Primitives, and instantly fell in love with her.

Too many roosters

This years batch of chicks all grew up to be roosters. They're very pretty, but can't get any eggs out of 'em. I might have to k...