Join me for coffee?

Good morning! Anyone for coffee?

FINALLY, it's warm enough to start my mornings waking up by sitting on the back deck. The fields are getting planted and I will soon have that beautiful forest of corn in my back yard. It makes a beautiful privacy fence.
About 6 years ago, this was my dad's 80 acre field. He's retired now, but every time I step out the back door, I remember Bean walking, harvesting, planting season and mom bringing lunch out to us.


  1. That is a great view to enjoy while drinking coffee. I just visited your website too, It is very nice.

  2. Hello there. Thank you. It gets better as the corn grows higher.
    Oooh, your site is fun to walk through, too...lots of pretty stuff!
    Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Good morning Dusty....what a wonderful view you have....Now..where's my coffee!

    :)have a great day,

  4. Very cool dusty. OH there you are nice to put a face with a name. Pretty girl too. I love corn. I could eat it everyday. Must be cause I was born in Illinois where they grow a ton of corn. Be sure to show us progress pictures.


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