Pine Tree make-do and Blue Bird Pin Keep

Standing 9 1/2 inches tall, this ole blue bird pin keep is made from painted and grunged muslin. He's firmly stuffed and attached to an old, antique textile bobbin. I've added rusty jingle bells and safety pins, a blank, stained hang-tag and a strip of cheesecloth for his scarf.
The Make-do Christmas Tree stands on an old branch we cut down from our yard. I've drilled a
hole to secure the tree and wrapped in moss, pip berries and preserved greenery. The tree is made from muslin, painted green, grunged and stained. It stands about 16 inches tall (including the greenery.)

(Credit for the crow pattern goes to Kentucky Primitives.)


Primitive Needle Felt Pear Cubby Tuck

Here's my newest creation using that trecherous felting needle. I'm new at it, so I haven't yet jabbed myself...still very careful with this tool.

I created it on a whim, just to see what I could do with my needle and wool.
This is a 4 inch tall x 2 inch wide pear I made from fabric, stuffed and completely covered in needle felted wool. Even the stem is felted.


Measuring 3 1/2" tall x 4 1/2 " long, I stained this old, leather baby shoe to enhance the signs of wear. I've packed it full of stuffing and made it into a pin keep. The fabric is an off-white background with a floral print in mustard and green. It's securely hand-stitched to the shoe using strong button thread. You can use it as a pin keep or display it along with your favorite antiques, as the display shoes.

Too many roosters

This years batch of chicks all grew up to be roosters. They're very pretty, but can't get any eggs out of 'em. I might have to k...