More of Gramma's Hip Huggers

I was outside working in the yard all day enjoying what few nice days we have left. I started out mowing the back yard and a bit of trimming with the weed eater.
I'm getting itchy to start burning leaves, but after starting a small patch, decided I would really be embarrassed if I caught the neighbors corn on fire, so I hurry and stomped it out. It was such a beautiful day, I had to keep looking for more excuses to stay out and play. I decided to throw a coat of paint on the ole wicker furniture and clean up the deck a little. Hoping it's nice again tomorrow, I plan to touch up a few other faded deck chairs and finish getting the summer toys packed away til next spring. I worked til the sun went down plus another 30 minutes to finish painting by porch light and decided to come in and crash at the computer for awhile. Look what I came across. Up above, is Papa with our youngest hip hugger. Look at those beautiful brown eyes looking right at ya! I love going through old pictures of our grand-babies. They change so much from month to month.

I came across one of my favorites and realize I hadn't printed this one out yet. He's going in a frame tonight. This was taken on the day Papa and I took him to the merry-go-round thinking he'd love it, of course. Well, he let us know otherwise and screamed through the entire ride, clinging for dear life to Papa's neck.
After he'd calmed down and he was sure we were far enough away from the noisy beast, we found a big, grassy hill that was better suited for him. He bravely rolled down the big hill, giggling all the way down. He was so proud of himself.

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