Too many roosters

This years batch of chicks all grew up to be roosters. They're very pretty, but can't get any eggs out of 'em. I might have to keep one of the black and white ones, because they are soooo cute and tiny!


AAAAH! It's too hot to play outside

I'm calling it quits for the day. Been out tilling the garden and decided it's not a good idea. My body likes to overheat on me and send me on a trip to the ER if I don't watch it... I hate that!
I finally got all the weeds knocked down and I'm trying to put in some new raised garden boxes. Hopefully, I'll have it done before it snows - I'd love to have it all ready for spring next year. When it starts looking like a garden, I'll post some pictures.
Maybe if I whine a little, hubby'll dig in my fence posts. :D


Beautiful day

Beautiful day so far. Hoping it doesn't get any hotter, so I can find my garden through the weeds.


Lawn and Garden Shed Handmade yard decoration full size antique barnwood outhouse

Full size barn wood outhouse lawn ornament, made from barnwood (by Stanley, the wood worker - aka Dad). I 'bout tripped over my own feet, getting out of the car when we pulled in their drive. "I wannit!"

He has it up for sale on