Stealing Space

I used to have an old trailor that I used for my crafting adiction. All my crafting fun was contained in one place. I used the front half for wood working and lumber storage, the back half for sewing, painting, inventory, supplies and office space. Hubby built a huge deck off the front so I could paint outside during the summer. I was so content out there in my beat up ole trailor.

After a dozen years of selling through craft shows and out of my home, I got completely burnt out. I couldn't get motivated to save my life! So, I went to work for someone else for a change. That lasted about 6 years before I got the itch to pick up a needle again.

I'm back home working for myself again and couldn't be happier. The old work shop is doomed for demolition this summer so I've taken over several rooms in the house. It's certainly not as convenient as the trailor. I have to keep things a lot more tidy so I spend a lot more time cleaning house than I had to before. Crafting is a messy job! With carpet in every room, I'm forced to use the kitchen as my staining and painting room. I have a lots of counter space, so I can't resist using this as my cutting and sewing room, too. I've taken over an upstairs bedroom for finished inventory. The front room used to be a 'Living Room', but is now an office/supply room.

I need to either build a house to live in or build a shop to work out of.

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