Gramma's Little Hip Huggers

What joy our beautiful grand-babies bring to our lives. We are so lucky to have them all close by so we can go snatch them up whenever 'Pappa' and I get the urge.
I just spent the last 7 weeks with two of our little ones (Ava & Corbin) as their daycare mom was on maternity leave. With today being the second day I'm waking up without them, I'm missing those morning snuggles.
My, how Ava's changed in 7 weeks. She's gone from crawling - to running, from no teeth, to 4 teeth, from sweet & mellow to sweet & sassy. We celebrated her first birthday while she was here and it's hard to believe a whole year has passed since she's been born.
In those 7 weeks, we gained a new one, too. Austin and his 1 1/2 year old sister spent Saturday with us while their mom and dad worked. Precious! Lily makes sure her new baby brother has all the attention he can handle. She gives him little love pats and hugs constantly and announces his every squeak and wiggle with concern.
Madisen is our oldest and is our little princess. She loves sewing and crafting with me. She taught me how to crochet last year - can you believe that! She loves creating things...just like gramma. To my surprise, she even likes making the primitive dolls with me and has never even wrinkled her nose at them (like her Pappa does).

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